Help in removing systemd-boot from a system in which both systemd-boot and grub are present

A couple of weeks back I set up a new Manjaro workstation using architect. During the installation process I selected systemd-boot as the bootloader, but received a warning message to the effect of there being no functional bootloader present in the installation. So, I went back a few steps and installed grub. Everything booted and appeared okay, so I thought nothing more of it. Recently, when updating the system via pacman -Syyu I noticed that one of pacman’s hooks seemed to indicate that systemd-boot was still present on the system somewhere. Sorry, I can’t be any more specific than this at the moment. The system is at my partner’s office, I don’t have remote access, and only get to use it for a few hours every couple of weeks. Could someone advise on how to completely remove systemd-boot in this context, or let me know what outputs could prove helpful in finding where the problem lies.

Just uninstall it?

pamac remove systemd-boot-manager
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Ah… well now I feel like an idiot. Tried running sudo pacman -R systemd-boot before, but nothing was found. It didn’t occur to me that I might have the name wrong. I assumed something more complex was required.

Thank you. Will sort it next time I’m in.

Just had a chance to do this. Thank you for your help.

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