Help in rebranding archiso

i recently made my own arch linux respin with kde plasma as the desktop, i wanted to rebrand it so i already knew that changing the os-release file and lsb-release helps.
And when i did that i get errors saying those files exist in the filesystem

So i asked on the arch linux forum and they said the question of rebranding arch is inappropriate for a forum that is for arch

So people suggested me to ask this questions to people who have rebranded an arch respin successfully and manjaro came to my mind

So i am asking here if it is possible to let me know how u guys did the rebranding of arch linux, thank you so much

As those files are owned by the filesystem package, you will need to maintain your own version of the filesystem package to be able to change files owned by it, without causing issues down the line.

This holds true to all files owned by packages.

So my advice is, start with creating a custom repo and get that enabled in the ISO’s pacman.conf file, so users install packages from that, instead of the packages from the Arch repository.

But this subject is not really Manjaro related either, as Manjaro does not use archiso or the Arch repositories.

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i already have a custom repo for using the calamares installer, so how can i addthose files? should i add them in the filesystem folder of the custom repo? or should i do something else, i am pretty new to this filesystem thing

Why are you creating a distro, if you have no idea how it’s put together? :slight_smile: