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I am trying to install a program called OSPOS. is the link to their installation guide steps. The require the following PHP stuff.

In Debian - php5-curl php5-mysql php5-gd php5-intl php5-openssl
In Fedora - php php-bcmath php-dba php-gd php-openssl

Anyone can help me with installing these PHP extensions on Manjaro. I tried to search for these extensions but failed to find them.

Currently I installed php following this guide

Blockquote 4. Install PHP
To install PHP run:

sudo pacman -S php php-apache

After PHP is installed, we need to configure Apache PHP module.
To do so, edit /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf file,

sudo nano /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

Find the following line and comment it out:

#LoadModule mpm_event_module modules/

Uncomment or add the line:

LoadModule mpm_prefork_module modules/

Then, add the following lines at the bottom:

LoadModule php7_module modules/
AddHandler php7-script php
Include conf/extra/php7_module.conf

Save and close the file.

Test PHP
Now create a test.php file in the Apache root directory.

sudo nano /srv/http/test.php

Add the following lines:


Restart httpd service.

sudo systemctl restart httpd

Open up your web browser and navigate to http://ip-address/test.php . You should the screen like

You just need php-gd and php-intl .

The other modules are part of the normal php package but need to be enabled in /etc/php/php.ini

You can check all enbaled modules with php -m or you read thru your php test.php page.


Hello xabbu, Thanks you for your reply, it was very helpful. I installed both and enabled all the other extensions required by the app also, but still i get only a blank page in the app. I am trying to get some help from the OSPOS team too.

we can use docker :wink:

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