Help for Manjaro XCFE System Event Sound enablement


19 Jun

I have seen several times people requesting information on how to enable system event sounds on Manjaro XCFE. That is the version of Linux that I am using, kernel 5.4.44-1 xcfe 20.0.3 and had the same problem of getting any sounds enabled. Searching through forums and googling really provides very little information on how to accomplish this task in Manjaro XCFE. Information on enabling system event sounds are not even in the user manual.

A lot of us new users, (and I have seen many trying to go the Linux OS route) really would like to use the OS but have a lot of problems trying to accomplish the task of getting things set up in the distro to suite what we need or would like to have.

Please be aware that I am not saying the developers, forum moderators and community members don’t try to help newbies. They are very helpful in a lot of instances. But setting up some printers/scanners and enabling system event sounds seems to be problems not addressed very well in the Manjaro XCFE distro help forums. Some help offered is just to try a different distro and that does not accomplish anything. With a lot of various forum searches and going to different websites we can usually get our printers working. But getting help with system event sounds seems to be a whole other ballgame when it comes to Manjaro XCFE.

I am like a lot of other Manjaro XCFE users. I like this distro a lot and have decided to settle on it for my use. I have been trying to get familiar with and learn more about it through online searches. I like how the developers and upgraders strive to have a user friendly OS. That is why I am creating this post, to try and be of help to other Manjaro XCFE new users, like me.

One useful post I found for Xcfe help with sounds is, there is some pretty good info here for us new users on system sounds. A big thank you and credit to the person creating this post.

For my system I was able to get some system event sounds enabled. I didn’t need a lot of sounds. For now I have logoff, startup, suspend and shutdown. These will do me for now until I can get some program start and exit sound events enabled.

With help from the above website, I selected the sound files I wanted to use, which were in user/share/sounds/, I chose the purple folder that contained wave files I wanted to use.

I then opened the settings manager/settings editor and scrolled down to xsettings at the bottom of the list. Then selecting this, I scrolled down the right window pane to Net/SoundThemeName and selected this, the current value was set to default, I changed this value to purple, the folder of sounds I chose to use in user/share/sounds, then clicked save and closed the settings editor.

I then went to settings/Session and Startup/ and selected the Application Autostart tab. At the bottom left of the window, I selected add, this opened a popup window “Add application”. In the Name field I typed xcfe4-startup-sound, in the Description field I left blank, in the Command field I put /usr/bin/canberra-gtk-play --file /usr/share/sounds/purple/login.wav, in the Trigger field I selected on login.

I created an event sound file for each of the events I wanted to use by creating a new file name, selecting the event sound I wanted and selecting the proper Trigger for that sound event.

This procedure has at least got me a few sounds working. I hope this little bit of information can help some of you new users of Manjaro XCFE until we can get more help for enabling system event and application open and close sounds. Would have been nice if in the Application Autostart tab/Add Application event Trigger list there could have been a trigger for “On App/Program Open and On App/Program Close”. This would have helped for those wanting sound event for when a program like LibreOffice is opened and closed. I personaly don’t need a sound for everything, but would like a few for certain events. If anyone can expand on this to create more help for us new users of Manjaro XCFE and enabling system event sounds, please do.

You can also be sure to click on the Volume Control, PulseAudio plugin/AudioMixer, select the playback tab and insure System Sounds is loaded and set to 100%.

Keep in mind that there’s a lot of information in the User Guide and Wiki, if you can find information related to your particular problem.

I know a lot of people do not want sounds, just visuals, but there are also some that are used to hearing sounds and would like to have them for their devices.


Read this forum thread, hopefully it will be useful.