Help finding similar "solver" as provided by Microsoft Excel

Hello all

I am not sure where I should put this, so “support” it is.

I am currently doing my masters education in mechanical engineering, and in one of my courses we are using MS excel to find shortest distance (supposed to be same start/stop point) between cities. This is possible by installing a “solver” as an addon to excel. This solver finds the shorter/better rout for me

I have tried to use the both the solvers provided in Libreoffice, both of them crash. Most other office program available on Linux don’t have the option for solver (I did install and check on quite few).

Now, I am not very keen of running heavy Windows in a VM so I am just wondering if someone here has knowledge of how I can do this in libreoffice, or a stand-alone program.

This is optimization, but all of my searches end up providing tools to optimize network on linux which I am not looking for :slightly_smiling_face:

This might not be available on linux, just wondering if someone knows anything about this.

Mh… there is:

Tools → Goal Seek


Tools → Solver…

I am not a Calc/Excel Pro, but what exactly is the problem here? An Error Message… ?

You mean this: Solver right?

Yes, I tried using this solver in Libreoffice.

I am looking for optimization solver, which finds the optimized way between multiple locations. It can also reccomend a vehicle based on Price Value and more. There is a optimizing solver available in MS Excel, but I haven’t found any solver for Linux, and I am having difficult time finding one.

I am just wondering if someone here knew of a optimizing solver on Linux for my usecase. It might not be any though.

Sorry for my bad explaination yesterday, my mind was already at bed :slightly_smiling_face:

So you are searching not for a “solver”, but for an “enhanced optimization solver” ???

So, when I search, I find this for

  1. Excel: Solver in Excel (In Easy Steps)
  2. Calc: Solver

Looks to me that they have both the same functionality and it didn’t crash for me…

Maybe you run into a limitation or a bug? Without an example, I can not follow you.

Maybe ask there also:

Hi. You can try to find an alternative math software in this list:

Does the online version of MS Office work for you?

It might be difficult to explain exactly what I mean without flooding the thread with screenshots.

I did find a decent explaination of what Evolutionary solver in excel does

Thank you, I’ll look over this.

No, the online version doesn’t support the addon I need (I tried).

Ok well… here what tried:

No 1 No 2
values -166 7,02857142857143
formula =30-(B2/2+17,5*C2)

and I used the solver like that:

So there is the formula and 2 values and it tries to search for values, which should result in -10 with this formula. No big science, but that is a simple example.

But you said that it crashed. That is not the case here ^^ I am using libreoffice-still (stable) and not libreoffice-fresh (beta).

Simplify it and post as a markdown table. You can even copy and paste from calc ^^ It will convert the table to markdown.

True, it didn’t crash, it stagnated. Ill do my best to simplify.

I have a list of 30 x and y coordinations, which are supposed to reprecent locations of cities. A guy is supposed to drive to each city 2x per week. See screenshot

The coordinations in change factor uses +index(x; change factor) command in calc/excel. Distance is just distance between cities, and the total is in the green box.

Now by using Evolutionary Solver, I can find the shortes or longest distance between cities. The only requirement is that I start and stop in the same city.
If you look at the total distance in pick below, you can see the difference (from excel)

So this solver basically just rearranges the cities so it is either the longest distance or the shortest to travel.

Dude, come on. So it doesn’t crash ^^ So what is the reason, why it is stagnated?

In my example it is simply this: It stops because, it found 2 values. And if you want other values, you can just continue. There are just a lot of possibilities.

You need to further narrow down the values you are looking for. In options you can set that, but I am far from being an expert here. So the Forum of LibreOffice should be a better place:

I was looking for it to shuffle the order of the cities, to find the shortest distance to travel. That doesn’t seem to be possible in libreoffice.

I’ll just stick with excel…
I also learned that soon we will be using python to optimize :slight_smile:

I will mark this as solved, but the thread it self is quite confusing, so if a moderator wants to delet it, I will understand.

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