Help deepin greeter is just a white screen with manjaro logo

The login screen is completely white with a manjaro logo but i can still type and login i just cant see it, also the logout screen is also completely whit but i can stiill logout if i click where the button is supposed to be but none of the buttons are actually visible

As Manjaro is using Archlinux packages for deepin, you have to know that Deepin 4.4.5-3 fixed a bug like the one you’re getting.

It was archlinux bug #59036:

It was related to a wrong wallpaper path.

Looks like @oberon (which is deepin flavour maintainer) needs to fix / modify deepin-session-ui package to get it back to work.

Hope it helps a little.

Bug reported:

thank you

Most likely you simply need to set a new wallpaper with the wallpaper chooser.
The old path to the wallpaper might be broken.

Also. But it is a workaround this annoying bug.

It should be fixed with deepin-session-ui 4.4.7-1.1, which will arrive with next stable update. Meanwhile please use the workaround - if it hopefully works :wink:

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thx a lot

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