Help connecting microphone of Galaxy Buds+

Hi guys,
I’m having trouble connecting to my Galaxy Buds+ microphone. I found these answers on AskUbuntu but was not getting anything else from my internet search.

It seems like the trouble with the buds is that they use A2DP which is unidirectional, you have to switch to HSP. I’m still not able to switch to this profile.

Am I supposed to do what they describe in that answer or is there a workaround for this? Also, the audio quality on the buds is not as good as compared to Windows or Android. I’ll think of it later (with this as well if that is related).
Can you guys help me with it?

What have you tried? There should be an drop-down list in the GNOME control center which allows you to do that under “Sound”. You can also change the profile with pavucontrol.

I tried it with Gnome control center. It didn’t work. Let me get back to you once I try it with pavucontrol.

There’s a problem I ran into when I tried it in Windows. It was saying power failure on Bluetooth adapter on laptop. Maybe that’s the problem… I’ll get it checked.

OP has confirmed that it’s a hardware issue. I guess that closes the thread. :man_shrugging: