Help compiling katago opencl

Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum and I recently installed Manjaro KDE and I must say that I’m very happy with it but I have a problem. I’m a fan of the game of Go and I would like to compile an engine called Katago to analyze my games in the opencl version. Someone can you help me to reach my goal thank you.

Hi @Emiya, and welcome!

There is a package katago-opencl in the AUR:

$ pamac search katago
katago-opencl  1.11.0-1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   AUR
Baduk engine with no human-provided knowledge.

So it might be as simple as building it from there:

pamac build katago-opencl

But first, you need to make sure your kernel headers are installed:

pamac install $(pamac list --installed --quiet | grep "^linux" | grep "^linux[0-9]*[-rt]*$" | awk '{print $1"-headers"}' ORS=' ')

This will install the headers for all currently installed kernels.

…as well as the base-devel package:

pamac install base-devel

a Reminder:

While use of the AUR is possible, it’s neither recommended nor supported.

I recommend pamac instead of pacman, especially for newcomers as pamac was developed by Manajaro (developers) for Manjaro and just takes care of more thing than pacman.

Hope this helps!

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Great I managed to compile engine but now another problem arises, the program I use lizzie if I start the engine asks me for the opencl drivers and I have installed the opencl-amd package installed I start the program and manjaro goes haywire by removing and Do you know how I can resolve this by replaying the video?

This is a separate issue. Please start a separate thread about that — hint: put it in the Graphics & Display category.

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