Help About Buying Laptop

Hello, Please do you have any experience with HW combination:
Ryzen 4800H CPU (Or any other 4xxx)
Nvidia 2060 GPU

Work this combination with Nvidia-proportional driver + AMD open source driver + Prime for switching ?
Is possible run Laptop on APU and only Games (Steam for example) Running on Nvidia ?

I thinking about : xmg-core-15-amd OR when doesn’t this combo work I buy
only Ryzen 4800H (tuxedo pulse 15) book but integrated GPU is to slow. (Book is primary for work but sometimes i can play couple of games).

Thanks you very much for answer.

Check this topic:

also my relpy about forum rules in that topic FYI.

Also, just FYI check out Manjaro branded laptops: Manjaro - Hardware