Hello, we are bringing Manjaro to RISC-V

Hello, we are an intern team from Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences. We are working on bringing Manjaro onto RISC-V. We would like to get in touch with the community and get help.

This is the first time I use the Manjaro forum, I don’t know whether it is appropriate to post under this category.

GitHub: https://github.com/Manjaro-RISCV

Screenshot of a very basic system running:


Awesome initiative.

The screenshot mentions a 5.19 kernel, but I don’t see any kernel PKGBUILD in that repo. Are you just using the Arch Linux RISCV kernel?

And what about firmware/bootloader? How is that handled?
U-boot, EFI or something different?

You only have a couple of packages in that repo, so it’s barely a Manjaro system at that point, but it’s a great start. How are you managing the package repositories?

The kernel is build from the vendor’s source code, because my dev board (StarFive VisionFive) is not supported by the mainline yet. (PKGBUILD can be seen at my personal account GitHub - saeziae/pkgbuild-linux-starfive-visionfive: ArchLinxu PKGBUILD of Linux for StarFive RISC-V VisionFive Board ).

If we follow the example of ARM version, we will probably offer a couple of kernel packages for different devices.

Because the system is at a very infant point (I just had the system running today), most packages are not uploaded to GitHub(for example pacman) yet, they will be uploaded in these days.

We will first focus on porting core and extra, then community.

Thankfully, the Arch Linux RISC-V Project has solved most critical issues so we will not be struggling on get the system running. (and different from ARM, RISC-V devices have open source firmware so it is easy to deal with bootloading. My board is U-boot → EFI → GRUB)

Those packages that Manjaro(x86/ARM) uses the Arch Linux ones will follow Arch Linux RISC-V packages.


Hello & Welcome to the Community,

Interesting. Thank you for doing this.

Thank you for the information.

Do you use felix’s arch linux RISC-V port ?

Their readme Manjaro-RISCV · GitHub link to Felix pkgbuilds GitHub - felixonmars/archriscv-packages: Modified Arch Linux packages for archriscv

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I’ve just received my StarFive VisionFive 2 today and I want to know how to build my SD card to boot it on RISC-V Manjaro.
Can anyone explain a little bit more please ?

Just follow their Github repo

Current working status: Starting up (Rootfs not prepared yet)

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