Hello, i need some assistance

Some context → Hello, yesterday i have created a Manjaro usb live and could successfully install the distro, the problem is, i think it messed up my other system (Win10) during the installation, i think it changed something idk and now i cant boot the Win10, i dont know what happened, nothing from my SSD(Win10) was erased, the PC recognizes it on the bios and on the file manager.
Just for information, i have 1 HDD and 1 SSD, the Win10 is on the SSD and the Manjaro on the HDD.
Btw the SSD`s current format is fuseblk.
When installing i chose the third option, which is erase everything and install it, i believe, and yeah i chose the HDD

Ok, now the real deal, i used a 8gb flash drive to install the Manjaro, i want to reformat this flash drive to create a bootable usb, what i did: sudo umount /dev/sda2 → and sudo mkfs.ntfs /dev/sda2. and now, the flash drive isn’t appearing in the File Manager. Help, please!!
For some reason i can’t include an image here but i took a screenshot which shows Gparted, file explorer not showing the flash drive, and the lsblk -f command in terminal.

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Hey cestkazz,

In regards to formatting a USB I recommend trying to install balenaEtcher and using that if you are attempting to create a Linux bootable USB. It works just about every time. Now if you are attempting to create a Windows 10 bootable USB… that is trickier. Unfortunately when I ran into that problem I had to use Rufus on another Windows computer before the drive was recognized as the OS tends to be finicky.

You can install etcher using pacman.

Linux is not Windows.

You cannot just reformat the stick because the underlying partition is ISO9660 (CD-ROM).

You need to repartition the stick - then create a filesystem.

As for your issues with Windows - :man_shrugging: - try selecting the Windows Boot Manager from your firmware or boot-override - common keys are F7 or F12 - see your system’s manual if in doubt.

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