Hello Community, is KDE 5.22 coming?

I saw many rolling release distros already using this version of KDE, so I would like to know when it will arrive to Manjaro.
Thank you!

It’s been available in the unstable branch since release and in the testing branch since last week.



nice news. will it have support fingerprint lock support?

Will it break Latte-dock?

No,latte-dock works fine (version 0.9.12)

How long does it usually take to move from unstable to testing to stable?

That depends on bugs & breakages. Generally, though, about a week for unstable to testing & 2-3 weeks for testing to stable for the last few updates.

I wonder if users of KDE Neon already have it on their stable version? Or only on testing/unstable?

Yes, all branches appear to have it. Their Qt version is older though

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