Headset output (but NOT input) disappears the next day on KDE

When I wake up and come back to my computer to spend another day in front of it, I find my audio doesn’t work.

Looking into the audio settings, I see that my headset (a Logitech G933) is no longer recognized as an output device, but it is still recognized as an input device:
Discord sound settings confirm this:
Indeed, I can still even use the headset mic to record audio in Sound Recorder.
(I can’t embed images or even link, cool, thanks new Manjaro forums.)

But why no output? D:

I’ve been using this Manjaro install for over a year, and this just started happening recently. A reboot seems to fix it, but that’s disruptive. I left Windows to escape those!

If that happens again,to avoid rebooting you can restart pulseaudio and fix right away

systemctl --user restart pulseaudio

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Sadly, restarting the service did not have any effect. :c

(I could test it since it’s still broken; I haven’t rebooted yet.)

Same issue here, but different setup seems the sound does not recognize my p2 headset.

I’ve seen other posts from the last few days of people complaining about their audio device dropping out. Maybe it’s a common bug going around. : o

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Yup, just found, the discussion will continue there. I cannot post the link.

I think you can post it if you do:


With the !


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Wow, yeah, it is a widespread issue. : O Thanks!


I had the same issue and basically, the thing broke after a certain update (manjaro-keyring? or something like that) and then, after installing latest stable updates, everything went back to normal.

https ://forum.manjaro.org/t/headphones-not-detected/22023/

If you haven’t already updated your system, you should try it.
Good luck! :smiley:


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Thank you! Good advice. It’s reasonable an update broke things, so it’s reasonable an update will fix things.

In the meantime, doing:

systemctl --user restart pulseaudio.service

got my headset to show up as an output device again! (Apparently, the .service bit is important.)

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This did not solve the issue for me.

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