Headset mutes on start/answer Skype Call in Citrix

Hi all

For home office I have installed Citrix (ica client). Cause we use Skype for business to make calls, I also installed “HDX Realtime Media Engine for Skype”-extension.
Basically I can make calls fine with my Headset (USB wireless). The problem is:

Whenever I start or answer a call, the headset mutes. So I can’t hear anything. I have to volume up the sound of my headset.

Until now, I couldn’t find any propierties or settings for this. Does anyone have an idea where I can start troubleshooting? Or where I can find some settings?
Or has anyone had the same or similar issue - and a solution? ;9


The following versions are installed:

  • Manjaro Nibia (20.2)
  • Gnome Version 3.38
  • ICA Client 20.12.1 (via AUR)
  • HDX Realtime 2.9.200-0 (via AUR)
  • Pulseaudio 14.0