Heads Up. New Intel Microcode in 2018 released


Intel Core i7-3610QM (-MT-MCP-) (IvyBridge)

microcode updated early to revision 0x1f, date = 2018-02-07
microcode: sig=0x306a9, pf=0x10, revision=0x1f
microcode: Microcode Update Driver: v2.2.

intel-ucode 20180312-0


It doesn’t help my system, but good news nevertheless :slight_smile:


Already posted a few hours ago… I beat you to it :grin: Sorry…


sudo pacman -U http://repo.manjaro.org.uk/pool/overlay/intel-ucode-20180312-0-any.pkg.tar.xz

[Stable Update] 2018-03-14 - Kernels, Browsers, KDE, Vulkan, Python, Haskell

…is it worth trying? I have sandybridge and ivybridge. Not in testing yet.


yes it’s worth it. the package philm linked to works absolutely fine for my Ivy Bridge notebook but it’s up to you if you want to wait. I don’t have any sandy bridge to test with here.


i have a Intel Sandybridge Mobile, i can test on,
if something goes wrong i’ll be able to rescue with a clonezilla back up right?


Fastest is mhwd-chroot from manjaro usb :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Fastest, easiest and safest is to boot directly without intel-ucode and fix it from there. :sunglasses: