Headphones not detected. Speakers work even with headphones plugged in

Hello, I’ve just installed Manjaro XFCE on my HP ENVY Touchsmart 14 k-012x. However, I’m facing an ongoing issue with getting headphones to work:

  1. Even without headphones, only the right hand side speaker of the laptop works. This means you can’t hear the left channel of stereo sound when listening to audio.
  2. When headphones are plugged in, they aren’t detected by PulseAudio, and if I play audio, it comes from the laptop speakers and not the headphones.

I’m only mentioning point 1 for context. For now, I’d just appreciate your help in fixing point 2, and I’ll create a separate post for point 1 if needed.

FYI, my laptop has a dual 3.5mm input/output slot for headphone. Do let me know if there’s any further information I can share to give you more detailed info about the problem.


I don’t know a lot about audio in linux but for your second point, what do you mean by they aren’t detected by pulseaudio. If you connect your headphones, you should be able to switch to them in settings or through the volume icon in the panel

Wow, ok. I did a system reinstall yesterday, and it seems the issue has now been fixed. I can indeed connect with headphones and toggle output between speakers and the headphones via PulseAudio. Closing this post now. Thank you!

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