Headless Mini-PC Display Resolution

Hello everyone!

I took the plunge and moved away from Manjaro on Raspberry Pi v4 due to some issues that I had experienced. I’ve re-purposed the Pi to run OctoPrint, so it all worked out.

Running the full XFCE desktop experience and I run into an issue that I hope someone can lead me in the right direction to. I am running the computer headless, using X11/VNC Server, and lxrandr, but I cannot modify the Display Resolution at all to anything more than 1024x768 (it seems like, it’s small though).

I know that there is a way to install a dummy monitor, but I have not seen any tutorials assisting me with that. I installed the protocols listed above to help me with this issue, but not entirely sure how to go about it.

While I have experience in Linux, Manjaro is still something that I am learning and growing with, and I have tried other distro’s.

In case anyone needs to know the make/model of the mini-pc, it’s a BMAX N4120 (https://www.amazon.com/BMAX-Computer-Two-Channel-Triple-Display-Dual-Band/dp/B083LXPNJS?th=1). Any help is appreciated.

As I was waiting for help, I performed some additional research and have found the resolution. The only thing that I don’t know is if it will be a permanent change or not. Guess we will find out when I reboot.

For those that are looking for the resolution:

Manjaro loaded the new display resolution with no issues. If anyone else can add onto this, would be great for future users who may look for this resolution.