Headless base server image for Radxa Zero eMMC

Just wondering if there is a base server image for the Radxa Zero, doesn’t matter if its eMMC only.

If there is a DL link somewhere would appreciate it.


We don’t have a working image for the Radxa Zero yet. But I know Radxa made one on their own:


User: pi
Password: radxa

According to this forum post.

Was that a Radxa created one Strit as presumed it was one of ‘yours’ and maybe there was a preliminary one.

PS its an amazing tiny little board with a Glmark2 score of approx 253 onscreen, still struggling to work out the bootloader unless u-boot.bin is on emmc and will boot from both but SD only no eMMC still has me scratching my head.

Yes. The image is created and maintained by the Radxa team.

We are “waiting” for more stuff to get upstream. :slight_smile:

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Thanks as always for the quick replies.

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