HDMI possibilty on Manajro arm Phosh pinephone 2GB RAM / 16 GB model?

Hello people,
I am sorry about posting this possibly obvious question, but I am really not able to figure out after searching internet up and down if the basic model of pinephone with 2GB RAM / 16GB ver. 1.2 latest is able to have HDMI output (I own original dock from Pinephone) . In my case with latest release manajro / phosh beta 9 it doesnt work. Is HDMI possible only on the latest model so called convergence package or also on basic model with original dock sepparetly bought ?

It depends on the revision of your hardware. Only revision 1.2a and 1.2b are currently able to use HDMI output. Older versions you have to solder some parts of your PCB.


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Thank you for your response,
I have the latest hardware that is Pinephone BE basic model 16GB. It is probably worth to mention that I run dock not with the original charger. My is 5V / 2,4 A max. The USB C standard is also new to me, but I have tried both sides, (I hope I haven’t made any hardware issue).

Charge the phone fully and try without a charger plugged in. Also try more than one monitor.

Thanks for suggestions. I will test it that way.

I don"t know, it could be something specific in my case. I have tried with xrandr and it shows no hdmi. Also when I connect the dock I hear nothing , no sound. By the way what the undocked symbol means? It is always faded out.