HDDTEMP.... Why does this need SUDO???

Just a question and little-rant.... Why does 'hddtemp' need sudo to execute???

The 'sensors' command to get CPU temps does not require sudo. So, what makes 'hddtemp' a security issue by needing sudo to run???

could be worse... SMART data that can't make up it's mind if there are no bad sectors or many bad sectors. by the way it's actually none according to Micron's own diagnostics tools.

I don't know why SMART operations launched by hddtemp need sudo or root access either. You aren't looking to change any settings just check on temperatures.

It is very simple.

hddtemp uses S.M.A.R.T. . There are low level syscalls necessary to access S.M.A.R.T. directly, which needs privilege access.

sensors often simply reads values form the sysfs. Everyone can read form the sysfs.

If you want access the HDD temp, use udisksctl or use the hddtemp daemon. The hddtemp daemon can be accessed via TCP/IP.


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