HDD password breaks grub

Hello! First of all, excuse my bad English, I’m using a translator and what I know xd.
I don’t know if my problem fits in this forum, but maybe someone knows where I can ask.
The problem is the following, I have a somewhat old Notebook, a Lenovo IdeaPad s400, to which I put the HDD password from the bios, well it turns out that now on this PC I did a dual boot with manjaro and windows, and it happens that when I have the password set, nothing is seen on the screen, but it ends up booting to one of the two systems (That’s why in the title I say that it breaks grub, to put it somehow xd), which was always the case, even when I only had the manjaro, since tmb nothing appeared until the so appeared. But if I remove password from HDD, it works normally. Just in case, I tried both EFI and MBR and the same thing happens in both.
Here is a video that shows it.

Link (Enable subtitles): youtube .com/watch?v=vvMazgtv6so
Link 2: youtube .com/watch?v=FddiT6GOxmM

It probably doesn’t have a solution, but I didn’t find anything on the internet that talks about the problem (Or I’m too dumb to find it xd)
So thanks in advance, and anything you want to comment on is welcome nwn