HD quality on Amazon Prime Video


Sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker.

I'm new to Linux, using Manjaro KDE and enjoying it.

The problem is I can only watch videos on Amazon Prime Video in SD quality (no HD) so the image is very bad. Even the HD icon doesn't appear.

I have already tried Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, installing Widevine and Hal, changing the User Agent.

On this page https://www.primevideo.com/help?nodeId=202064950, it says:

" You can use Chrome to watch Prime Video on Linux/UNIX operating systems (including Chrome OS)); however playback will be restricted to Standard Definition (SD). "

I contacted Amazon support and they said Linux is limited to SD and they would send this issue to programming but I doubt they will fix this.

Is there any way that I can watch in HD quality?


1080p in Prime depends upon the video watched and how Amazon encodes it. You may notice, for example, newer TV series playing in HD, but not a recent movie. And no, I don't know why they do so.



Sadly, no. This is why I do not use Amazon Video (and their selection of content is not the greatest either).


Their selection of videos is a great plus to anyone addicted to Prime's free shipping. Like everyone who lives in Alaska, for instance. :smiley:

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I know, I just wish I could pay for Prime shipping without having to pay for video


That would be nice but bundling services isn't something new or likely to go away. I no longer live in Alaska but Washington state now, and close enough to Amazon that some shipments arrive before I press the "Buy" button, I swear! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

So I'll take the "free" videos--which is what it feels like to me--as a plus.



I can watch on 1080p on Windows 10 (dual boot). Problem is only on Linux.


Do you use Netflix? What resolution does it support on Linux?


This isn't helpful as you already know that Amazon only supports SD on Linux.

The likely "solution" is to use a Windows browser, whether in a VM or under WINE.

Or, contact Amazon and say you want to cancel your subscription because they don't support HD under Linux. They might listen to your money.


I asked because I was searching for solutions on Reddit and a few people said they could watch it on 1080p on Linux. So maybe there was a workaround I couldn't think of.


So this is the fourth place you're spamming the exact same question with the exact same title?

So basically it apparently works for some people without doing anything special, for some it used to work but now doesn't, and it doesn't work for you after having tried "everything".

Given this is an issue with a paid-for subscription service you should talk to Amazon. If they say they don't support it, they don't support it. That's it.


I was just trying to find a solution because I saw other people looking for this too and couldn't solve and I wanted to help. I have dual boot so it is not a big problem for me. But some people only have Linux and it is bad to watch on 480p on monitors.


Are you actually running Manjaro? Do you have it installed?


Didn't want to spam. I posted it on 3 subreddits because they were related to this topic (Linux, Manjaro and Linux4noobs).


Yes. I have Manjaro KDE and Windows 10 on dual boot.


Okey doke. Considering your new forum registration I was just wondering if you were slinging stuff against the wall to see if any of it stuck with a particular distribution.

So if nobody else has said it, welcome to Manjaro Linux! :smiley:



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I use Firefox with DRM, High Video Quality,not really true it is HD but sharp on 3840x2160 pixel. But 4K not work , maybe the HDMI cable has not the right DRM standard :wink:



I use Display Port and DRM is activated. I have those options, but on Windows, the best quality is something like 6,84 GB instead 1,17 GB and runs on 1080p. I have that option 1,17 GB on Linux and it is just SD quality, not even 720p.


youtube's html5 page can be useful for seeing exactly what formats your current browser supports; perhaps that will narrow down the problem