Hazel - a linux chatbot and personal assistant


Hi friends…

I’m doing a project on AI (Natural Langauge Processing) in Python
the project is titled


crafted for Manjaro linux (to work with the pacman and other terminal commands)

I wish someone could give in some logo ideas

What are your thoughts on the project?


My thoughts are:
…What ?


@cscs well said… very comforting :sweat_smile:



Good Luck with Hazel. can we call her Hazelnuts? :-).
I hope you are aware what happened to Microsoft’s experiment… https://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/03/24/microsoft_ai_goes_troll/


Those adorable guys (and girls) of 4Chan loved Tay to death, quite literally.

And you know what - the world is a better place for it.

As for Hazel, what could possibly go wrong? Just make sure she is fond of saying “I’m sorry Hal I can’t do that” in the creepiest of voices. Oh, and root access by default of course.



@philm no comments… :zipper_mouth_face:

@yotties call it whatever u want… i just asked for ideas on project logo…

@grinner Hazel may not b that much into “AI”, atleast for now…
primary aim is to make linux comfortable to newbies… ofcourse, “she can sudo” :joy:
what is linux without sudo


I suggest Hazelnuts for the project-logo.


@illuminati_RV Ok, so how are you intending to classify information?


Thats a cool project, and something i was thinking bringing to Manjaro, but maybe you wont need to start from scratch did you had a look at this https://mycroft.ai/ @illuminati_RV


@yotties - the project is meant for beginners in linux, so I’d rather prefer something techie…
appreciate ur response

@PenguinRage could u be more specific…
the project has two parts, 1st is the AI chat, would be very simple and limited for the time being
2nd would b to handle certain system commands without having to type in the whole thing (not having to memorising commands everytime). this will be done in simple scripts… Information retrieval algorithms might b used to give a minimal web search facility


@codesardine Thank u for sharing that link… That’s some real help…
Hazel primarily aims at easing the use of terminals… having a good AI base would be really nice…
appreciiate ur help…
thank u


So your main idea is for a notification area/assistant with speech-to-command and sudo privileges ?
( more actual “artificial intelligence” planned for future ? )


A better place, thats why linux tries to kill sudo in favor of polkit :wink:


still, we all rely greatly on sudo… atleast for now



even for that :joy: