Having window size issues with Unreal Engine 5 in Manjaro

Hello again everybody! So I have been trying to get Manjaro set up to run Unreal Engine 5. I was able to get it running by going to the unreal website and logging in, then connecting my github account and downloading the source code off their github page. I compiled it(which took about 8 hours lol) and got it to run but I am having some window issues. I am still fairly green when it comes to manjaro so I was hoping someone who had run into this issue themselves could help me or give me a push into the right direction.

So the main problem is that when I launch unreal engine 5 and set the screen to maximize, the screen goes black. When I hover my mouse over the bar that shows the file, edit, window, tools, etc in the unreal engine window, the screen will display again but as soon as I stop hovering the screen goes black again. A work around I found was to just un maximize the screen then manually enlarge the screen just slightly before the max screen resolution(because even manually setting the screen size to the full resolution size will make the screen black again).

The second problem is the unreal screen is very large in terms of fonts and buttons. I have tried finding some settings for these things to reduce the size of the UI to a smaller size but I am having no luck. Even setting the layout to unreal 4 classic just reloads the UI in the same style and size.

I feel foolish even asking for help with this issue because I have a feeling the solution is probably something simplistic. This is basically the last program I need to make the full transition into Manjaro so I hope someone can help me.

Running Linux 518 KDE Plasma version manjaro with hybrid intel nvidia prime drivers.