Having trouble with my third party mic

I’m having trouble getting my cisno 800 mic to work on my system. My system got given to me by a good friend and I’m still learning most of the basics. It’s a stable manjaro install. I plug in the USB and it says it’s there and on but won’t pick up anything even in audacity.

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could you open pavucontrol and look at the input devices when you speaking if the bar is hopping? If not adjust the volume.

Also open the terminal and enter the command alsamixer, and change with F6 to the usb device. Is everything up there?


Thanks for the welcome. :slight_smile:
Sadly I tried both of those and it still isn’t working like it should. It keep labeling the USB mic as a headset.

I cannot find a USB version of this microphone, the duckduck went to amazon and found this

are you using some sort of device or cable to convert this device for USB connection?

It keep labeling the USB mic as a headset.

does the usb device or microphone have a headphone jack?
it could be recognised as a headset and still work ok

please post the response to this command to see list of audio devices on your system

aplay -l

and use the </> button when replying (or Ctrl + Shift + C) so it is correctly formatted

Sorry about that. My first reply was on mobile. I have a headphone jack it seems to not be registering but it will work with my phone.

The model number BM-800 is used by a lot of different microphone brands for a microphone of the same design (but the build quality can be variable). They are good, low-cost studio condenser microphones

A condenser microphone usually requires phantom power, which is typically 48 volts but many microphones can work with only 9 volts

it will work with my phone

this is not typical for a phantom powered microphone as the phone would only supply less than 5volts of power.
Your laptop might not be powering the microphone through the headset jack at all or maybe even a bit less than the phone, but it will not work well if it can only get a low voltage

I found this article that says some versions have a built in battery charged from a USB port

If your microphone does not have a USB charging socket, you need to get a phantom power supply,
or a microphone preamplifier; mixer or audio interface with phantom power