Having trouble with keyboard shortcut customization in KDE Plasma

I’m trying to set Manjaro to use Mac keyboard shortcuts. For example, I’d like to be able cut/copy/paste using Command+X/C/V instead of Control.

Adding these shortcuts via the System Systems -> Shortcuts interface does nothing. It seems like it has added the shortcut, but the shortcuts still don’t actually work.

Also, I found “Import Shortcut Scheme” -> “Mac Scheme” which looked promising. I hoped that would set all of my shortcuts to their mac equivalents all at once. Unfortunately it seems to do nothing at all. I hit apply, and nothing changes with any of the shortcuts.

Thanks in advance for any help!

I’m running the current fully updated stable build: 5.9.16 x86_64 with KDE Plasma, and the default kernel.

Once you make changes, sometimes you need to log out and back in …

I tried that, still nothing. The thing is, after doing “Import Scheme”, the settings aren’t even appearing to change under the System Settings. It still lists all the shortcuts as being “Ctrl+”.

Under shortcuts I found ‘edit’ which lists ‘Copy:’ with shortcuts Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Ins.
I added Meta+C but it doesn’t seem to work… typing ‘Meta+C’ in a document will delete the text and print ‘c’.

In terminal we already have an alternative to Ctrl_C also, we must use Ctrl_Shift+C to paste.

I’m not sure this can be ‘fixed’ and I’m not sure it should be TBH.