Having some issues relating to widgets sound and account pic

i am having some weird issues with manjaro kde, i will be greatful if someone could plz help

  1. my account is not showing my pic that i selected for my account

2.two widgets seem to have stuck to my screen i am unable to remove them at all

3.system volume wont stay at 150% as soon as i press the volume down or even volume up button, system volume drops to 100%

i would be very happy of someone can plz help, especially with the widgets and sound issue…

When you click on it from the menu it should open the proper field - Users - and not Account details to change the image for your avatar. Also, make sure you are not booting on live media, that change will not survive reboot.

Right click on the Desktop > Enter edit mode
From there, a delete icon like a trash can will be shown when you hover the widget. Click on the trash to remove the widget …

100% is the default maximum, and even that should be avoided to be used. The 150% is a temporary enhancement and should be used with real caution. It can lead to damages to the speakers/headphones membrane, not to mention your hearing …

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i really understand your concern but the problem is that my system volumes are so low that, its nearly impossible for me to hear anything at 100%, its a kind of necessity to get to 150% volume on laptop so that i can hear properly through my laptop speakers, is there no way i can sustain that 150% mark in manjaro? :frowning_face:
i was able to do it easily in mint and windows 10 too, i am facing this problem just in manjaro

its really necessity for me to be able to hear my online school classes its my final year in school after all

Use alsamixer from terminal and rise the volume on your default audio device.

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