Having problems updating this morning

That’s why I was warning them. It’s usually fine anyway, at least in my experience. :smile:

I actually have no problem with partial updates, except when people are unwittingly made to perform one, or when people ask for support without at least mentioning the partial update. :smile:

The AUR effect is from Manjaro holding things back for testing and from git versions and out of date PKGBUILDs etc. It doesn’t matter which AUR helper/package manager you use, unless pamac does some automagic I’m not aware of.

So now we have to be patriotic (distriotic?) for some reason? :grin:

Unless I’ve missed something, pamac has to work with a system designed for pacman, that’s why pamac-mirrorlist calls pacman-mirrors. Why would I use the one that I don’t like? :smile:

It might be made by the Arch devs for Arch, but pacman is also one of Manjaro’s package managers, and IMO it’s better. :smile:

AFAIK all package managers for Arch based distros, that deal with the official repos, have to be compatible with the mirrors for pacman because that’s what Arch uses and that’s what Arch based distros copy. Unless they change the API, and/or the database format, and/or the package format, or something like that. In which case are they really Arch based anymore? :thinking:

I’d love to know if something has changed…but I guess it hasn’t since pacman works properly.


I’m moving to other topics if you don’t mind, it’s been a pleasure :rofl:
(I’m not related to either in anyway except being a user of Linux software in general)

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Not a problem, I’ve already left this conversation several times, but you keep posting things I feel I need to reply to :arrow_down:. It was only meant to be a quick “Hey that’s silly”. :rofl:

:arrow_forward: I figured you’re not affiliated (except with the RFE), not sure why you’d think otherwise. :smile:

Sorry for not being concise, I did try the first couple of times, but clearly I’m not good at it. I shall expect no further communication (again). Over and out. :vulcan_salute: :smile:

Take care :rofl:

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