Having Linux in a Surface RT

Hi :wave: How can we get Manjaro in this tablet/pc
It have a Terga 3


Not sure you can. Something that might give you some ideas can be read here:
Open Surface RT Home - Open Surface RT

Also this might clear things up even more
Linux on Surface RT - Make the Kernel boot

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Oh Thanks you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Someone recently made me aware that systems using ARM does not have a BIOS as we know from the world of personal computers - PC for short.

That someone also stated that creating a usable boot configuration requires some intimate knowledge on how the system works.

To know how the system works - it requires some with the guts, knowledge and patience - did I mention patience - so if there is no inherent - obvious answers - doing an internet search …

then the answer is - you don’t.

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Hmm OK then thanks for the reply

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