Having issues with Snap's Version of VS Codium

I’m sure this has been asked before, but when I downloaded VS Codium a while back via snap, I noticed that the display whenever I opened up the save or open file menu, that nothing but a bunch of rectangles appeared where text characters were supposed to be displayed. I tried downloading codium from other sources like the AUR but those also gave me issues.

I’d rather not download VS Code as I like the Codium project, but the lack of readability is causing me some issues. Any help on finding the right fonts and installing them into codium would be helpful. I’ve provided a pic of what the issue looks like so you can see what I’m experiencing here.

Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks as always in advance!

Please read this:

Then file a bug upstream


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Thank you, although I wonder whether or not they’ll be able to address this issue since it has been an ongoing problem for at least a few months now…

Discord in snap has the same problem so its not VSCodium only problem …

You said you have some issues with the AUR version? Did you install the vscodium-bin from the AUR?

pamac install vscodium-bin


I have tried this as well to no avail, thank you though. I found that solution on another forum with a post from a few months ago.

I’m afraid to say I gave up and decided to simply install VS Code and turn off the telemetry as troubleshooting this didn’t seem to be worth the trouble and VS Code is more frequently maintained than VS Codium. I simply had to make judgement call. Sorry to have wasted your time a bit. I did end up posting something to VS Codium’s git repository regarding it, perhaps they will fix this at some point, although yes, it might also be the snap font configuration as well.

Thanks for all the help guys.

That’s actually what my N00b guide says:

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You are correct sir, and thank you. I have actually marked your answer as the solution, as that is the most extensive. Upon further inspection after installing codium, code, and finally vs code, I have determined that yes, codium from the AUR is the best option and snap is… well problematic in certain situations such as this. I ended up going with VS Code from the AUR, built using git clone and makepkg. I turned off the telemetry in the settings and set up my favorite extensions (like GlassIt, which never worked on Codium, and had issues in Code as well).

I don’t like using Microsoft’s proprietary software, but I can’t deny it is one hell of an IDE, and I just prefer to have software that is maintained better than Codium is at this time.

Thanks for the extensive help, I really get a lot out of these forums, keep up the great work!

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