Haven't received updates in a while



I’m on Manjaro XFCE stable and I haven’t received updates in quite a while.

Does anyone know what could possible be the cause or how to fix this?


Which mirror are you using? Please check http://repo.manjaro.org for the updated list of our mirrors. You may switch to https://manjaro.moson.eu, which updates every 10 minutes.


change your mirrors
sudo pacman-mirrors -c all ( fresh list mirrors )
sudo pacman-mirrors -c Netherlands Germany


That didn’t work unfortunately. It says my system is up to date.


This is the last stable update


sudo pacman-mirrors -f
sudo pacman -Syyu


Define this time period.

Unless it’s an unmigrated 32-bit system… ?


It has been solved.


Woe BIG Time update, your Da Man!


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