Have you ever thought about switching to systemd-boot?

Have you ever thought about switching to systemd-boot like EndeavourOS did? Just one question …

Why change something that works - I respect the philisopy behind EndeavourOS - it aligns well with my perspective - but why change something that works for Manjaro just because EndeavourOS did?

The tools used to build the ISO is not designed for systemd-boot and would require quite some work to implement systemd boot.

systemd-boot is simple and thus limited in what it can do but you are free to switch - it is a fairly easy task

grub on the other hand has some features not easily achieved with systemd - most notably - IMO - the ability to boot an ISO stored on a local disk.


That is about to change with UEFI-Driver loading in sd-boot :wink:

OK, thanks for explanation.

systemd-boot only works on machines with UEFI. grub on the other hand is universal and also supports legacy BIOS. Hence having the same bootloader on both platforms is still appealing.