Have not received any Activity Summary emails since last week

I used to read [Manjaro Linux Forum] Summary regulary, but know it is not released any more since 07.12.2022 ?

On any topic with a huge amount of replies there is a Summarize This Topic button.

That button is adding a query string object to the topic ?filter=summary

As such you can likely apply it to any topic of interest - you still need the topic link to append the query string to.

E.g. the stable update of 2022-12-06

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But you have gotten several updates since then, haven’t you?

I got notices about your answer for example but none for “[Manjaro Linux Forum] Summary” since 7.12.22.

I changed my profile a few hours ago to get it every 30 minutes … nothing happens.

Also nothing in “spam” … somehow strange. Is “[Manjaro Linux Forum] Summary” really delivered?

[Manjaro Linux Forum] Summary is back again, today at 17:41 i got a new one :slight_smile:

@JohnML Just FYI, apparently no one except me understood what you were talking about. Notice the several :question: reactions to your first post. I renamed your topic title appropriately once I figured out what you were referring to. You’ve been around long enough, so I don’t have to refer you to How to Post, right? :wink:

Either way, if there was a server issue there isn’t now. :man_shrugging:

Thank you!

As i wrote the topic title i thought that could be ironic " EOL" .

Issue is solved now and thats ok!

Right…However, the moral of the story is: Communicate clearly and concisely with as many details as you can provide. :wink: