Have lost General in Gnome Tweaks

About a month or two ago I lost the General in Tweaks, the first menu item. I use the Do Not Suspend when lid is closed option regularly but now it has disappeared. I believe that menu also offers over-amplification which I still have for some reason (thankfully). I installed a couple of extensions, one to regular battery power protocols and the other to input a suspend after X time period. I think that is when the General item disappeared. But then I have since removed both extensions but the General did not return. I really miss the do not suspend when lid is closed option since I use it to help fall asleep listening to music without screen display. I haven’t the slightest idea how to troubleshoot this issue, not being a very adroit user.

Thank you.

Please read this… :point_down:

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Thank you. I removed all the extensions that are no longer compatible. No change. Then I disabled all extensions and rebooted. No change. Then I updated in Terminal with extensions disabled. No change: no General in Tweaks.

PS Am not able to remove Material Shell (which I never used but was there disabled), either from within the Extensions Menu or on the website interface. There is no option to Remove it.

The General entry was removed upstream with 45.0:

That’s completely unrelated to the subject of this topic. Please create another GNOME topic if you still need help.

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I also do not have the general as a first menu item, as I read this I checked tweaks.
Booted an old vm that was not updated for a while and there is a general item in tweaks.
VM has manjaro gnome stable running, last update 18-10-2023 & gnome 44.5
You probably run gnome 45 now? With gnome-tweaks 45.

The options in the menu item are suspend & over amplification of sound, these options are probably not needed anymore in tweaks or where not working correctly and removed.

Yes, I’m using 45 now. But the do not suspend when lid is closed option was working great and I miss it!

With respect, you told me to remove all the extensions not working etc. This one I could not remove.

@yokanan: I now understand that the missing General is in accord with the intention of gnome 45 so will stop trying to get it back. Thank you!

No, I didn’t. :wink:

Oh, by the way you can control that in /etc/systemd/login.conf or create your own conf file in /etc/systemd/logind.conf.d/. Mine for example since I keep my laptop lid closed since I have three external monitors and always am connected to power:

❯ cat /etc/systemd/logind.conf.d/custom.conf

See Power management - ArchWiki for more info

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