Have 24 pin power sockets ever improved/evolved?

Is there any special trick to dislodge a 24 pin power cable from the motherboard’s socket? I’ve spent half a day cleaning my PC’s components of dust, reassembled it and now I’m troubleshooting a problem preventing it from posting(but that’s not why I’m posting this). So I’ve been reconnecting and disconnecting cables from sockets for the entire day trying to figure out the problem.

My finger tips feel like they’ve been battling in the Colosseum of ancient Rome. The biggest culprits for this is the 24, 8, 6+2 pins for the power cables. It’s such a hassle to get them dislodged. Isn’t the industry ever going to make it more friendly to your fingers? I mean if PC cases can evolve to become toolless to some extent and/or only requiring no more than a Philips screwdriver why can’t it be done for the sockets and power cables of components???

So technically this is not a post of a problem looking for a solution. It’s more of a rant and/or outcry. Anyone who have similar feelings?

Those statements tell me that you wouldn’t feel a thing after the battle, because you would have find yourself in the Fields of Elysium with the gods of cables and pins around, changing the timing chain to an 2004 Audi S4, for eternity :rofl:

Most manufacturers will look for the cheapest production and assembly solutions. Probably those pins and cables are on stock for many more years, hence are still used. Other manufacturers will produce Laptops or miniPC, hence you don’t have to deal with any of that.

So, your fingers are fine …


Well, they will be. Sore fingers can heal, a broken motherboard cannot! Awesome GIF given the analogy =).