Hasn't Linux supported HDR yet?

I have been waiting for so long to see Linux support the HDR feature, but I still don't see any progress of it. Aren't the Nvidia and AMD developers developing it?




Note: Keep in mind that this is a DRM driven tech here so its not going to be as easy to implement as it is in windows.
Linux is about freedom and DRM is about restrictions so yeah dont expect miracles.

Do I misunderstand it? Shouldn't the DRM here mean "Direct Render Manager" instead of "Digital rights management"?

Perhaps, they dont make it clear though :smiley:

For years there have been open-source developers working on plumbing support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) displays into the Linux desktop stack and it looks like the Direct Rendering Manager driver support is slowly but surely getting there.

Yeah that first article made it clear, not the one with the AMD drivers though :smiley:

So Linux and MPV player supports it, but AMD doesn't, yet. Am I right?
I have tried it with kernel linux5.4 and mpv-git, when I play it with mpv --gpu-context=drm, it still output the SDR content.

Yeah i guess its still being worked on

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