Has search engines gotten worse, much worse?

Lately I been having a rather difficult time in getting information via Yahoo, Google, and DuckgoDuck when searching. In fact it has become impossible to find anything close to what I'm looking for.

For example, one of the other clients after I mention what my friend was joking about doing, during the meeting we had on what is going on, mention a person has already been arrested for doing basically the same thing. I was trying to find more detail on this and everything but this. :rage:

Why can't Web Search Engine simply filter for both reverent and recently at the same by default? Should be doing this anyway.
Swear ever since '95 and been using Yahoo! from the start web search has much worse then they started out. :rage:


Search engines can't be something else than what the people/agency/corporation behind it make it to be.

I probably know what you mean.
Last month i was searching for "Lolita" (book by Nabokov) on bing, got no search results but a contact offer in the states where i could seek help for my perverted mind.


Google to me is only good if it is on the first page and only if you search for something that is ordinary for your normal online behavior. If you search for something you never searched before, Google is going to have a hard time.
DDG gives me unbiased results but always super old articles and recent search results are buried I don't know where.
I try to use Qwant which so far has not been bad, but is still a WIP for me.

Yeah, search engines are somewhat in a weird place. On one hand they try to predict what you want to see, on the other hand they can't really give you relevant results to completely new themes.

Indeed, it is improving but still relies on Microsoft Bing for some results. I use a combination of the and DDG.

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You have searched for the wrong thing...

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Does it really? I thought that Qwant developed their own search engine. Man do I have some reading to do now :smiley:

They are working on it :wink:

How does Qwant index the web ?

Team Qwant

Last update: 21/04/2017

We continue our efforts to index all the Web diversity. Our crawlers relentlessly visit the global Web to refine our results. Nevertheless, this requires both a lot of resources and time: some parts of the Web are not yet perfectly indexed. In the meantime, our agreement with Microsoft Bing allows us to complement our own results with those of Microsoft Bing to offer the best possible results from all around the Web.

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Just found the information. I'm not saying I'm disappointed, but I'm not very happy about it either.

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From small acorns, mighty oaks grow

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And I will continue to use and support Qwant - we need more European tech in this world.


Like manjaro :grin:

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This topic drifts away from the starting point.

He He. In case you are not aware or a bit naive, Lolita is also(was?)a term for a female preteen who acts sexually older or knows more about sexual matters then other girls her age do.

Of course this has change a bit as due to sex education and parents being more open to talking to their children about such things back that Novel was published back in what 40's to 50's.

And now the term has a more general meaning of "Desirable Jailbait". Back when was in my late teens to maybe 30(?), I didn't find those two words to be offensive. But now I'm in my mid-40's, I'm old enough to have a granddaughter in that age range. :thinking:

The girl in the book, she was what 10 or 11? I never read the book, only seen one movie based off it.

In case you are not aware or a bit naive, Nabokov is considered one of the most influental writers of the 20th century with "Lolita" as his best known work. For what reason ever.
I don't give the slightest ■■■■ about zeitgeisty pettishness of neo-puritans and the like- if i query a famous novel of a well known author i expect results concerning that book, no counselling where my fictional virtual dick is expected to strive. : )


Sorry I didn't mean to get all offended about this. Yes I do know who Nabokov is, although I never read any of his books.

So someone contacted you after looking for the book? Or was that just a result of the Web search?

No offense taken, mate.

It was the result of the web search. Contacting me would have been fun, though.

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Not sure I would want this as default but you can get what you want with the Google search by making it your way with a couple clicks using "Tools"

Screenshot from 2020-03-18 09-51-43


Have you tried Startpage?


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