Has Manjaro made an official USB Image that comes with Kernel 4.15?


AMD Vega users need it to even install.


[Unstable Update] 2018-05-18 - Kernels, Mesa, Xorg-server, Video drivers, Libinput, Gstreamer

You can use Manjaro-Architect for that, I think it will work


Architect would be the way to go … though maybe some of the dev-builds have 4.15


If someone has a dev build with 4.15 kernel plz link. Artitech looks pretty technical.


I know @lolix and @tids created some for testing and for Vega users specificly.
Search the forum for links to these ISO’s.


Look at our Twitter account for latest news.


Why do you open a new thread? You’ve already asked here:


Even Lolix answered 24 days ago already with a spin based on linux415 kernel:


I guess this is a slightly different question as OP is wanting an “official” image rather than a Lolix-provided one.

Given Lolix’s image has been linked to from the Manjaro Twitter feed, though, I’d say it has “Phil’s stamp of approval™”.


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