HarmonyOS - made by Huawei

excerpt from article...

...microkernel-based distributed OS for all platforms including mobile phones, wearables, laptops, and televisions...will also support existing Android apps...it’ll arrive on wearables and laptops by 2020...

and the launch video with english audio


I think its a great move and a wake-up call for Google that it is NOT the end-all-and-be-all of technology.

Watching that video was very interesting. Thank you for sharing it.
So, Linux applications will run on Harmony via Huawei IDE (sounds like a packager similar to Flatpak and Snaps).

That it is open-source should remove any doubts that it will be spyware.
What a pitty Huawei will still prioritise installing Android on devices, but use Harmony if it cannot use Android in the future.


Interesting twist if true...



I don't really care about other perspective on chinese product like spying thing and anything else.

As long as you can enjoy using it, why not?
I've using deepin for 2 month (if i'm not wrong before using manjaro) and i didn't found any wrong with that like they not spying me, etc.

Because they didn't have access to do that, and i just use it for browsing thing, watch anime and stuff.

Oh about HarmonyOS, i hope i can install it on redmi 6A :slight_smile:

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the year 2020 will certainly bring some shifting in tech and everything related

@sothis6881 i didn't know about that, but ZTE had some similar technology applied, in a south american country, and other companies are helping out govs for sure

@lee google might have its eyes wide open already, as they also have a different os project - Fuchsia, and last year Huawei had a prototype phone running this new os, but now they have this Harmony... which has about the same features, me thinks this is a clone-like-fork of Fuchsia

@Nao deepin is a cool chinese distro, but still its a long way until it will earn users trust.
it will be interesting to see if other manufacturers will install this HarmonyOS, like Oppo Xiaomi Htc ZTE or even Samsung

Deepin is not a Huawei-developed product, so I don't know why you're bringing Deepin into it. Furthermore, it's open source, so it can be inspected for problems (and it's been inspected 10 times over, because of that stupid analytics thing).

Huawei, however, is known for spying on foreign nationals at the behest of the Chinese government; the directors of Huawei have ex-members of MSS and People's Army in their ranks. A lot of Huawei software and hardware is either factory-sealed (this is a problem for industrial hardware - the repairmen won't come if you've opened the box) or closed-source, so even though you know the inputs and outputs, you don't know what the metaphorical "box" you're given actually does.


But, deepin is from chinese, correct?
And i know deepin is not huawei but about "spy" issues, maybe most people believe that deepin trying to spy even deepin is "open source" project.

And the same too on Harmony OS.
My point is, no matter what OS or phone you have, you will found "spy" issues on most chinese product.

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Yes, it's correct, but it doesn't matter in the end whether Deepin is from America, China, Timbuctoo, or Bongo Bongo Land. Deepin was suspected of spying because it's a Chinese corporation, and the stereotype is that all Chinese corporations are spying... but because it was open source, it was proven not to be spying. 100%. Because people could open it and look at the components. Not a "sealed box"

Huawei, on the other hand, has a proven history of spying. Think about it. If you have to pick the murderer from one big ugly guy and another guy who's not as big and ugly, but who murdered someone before, you'd be damn stupid to pick the big ugly guy! That's called judging a book by its cover!

I think you profoundly misunderstand how software is designed. An open source project means all the parts of it are exposed for everyone to see. If somebody gives you a big wooden box and says it's an audio speaker, you have no idea if it's just an audio speaker, or if there's a spy camera concealed inside to watch your every move. But if someone gives you a speaker with a transparent plastic enclosure, you know it's just a speaker!

On the other hand, the police and courts in various countries have caught Huawei spying. Seriously, if you see me naked, in front of Planalto, with my hand on my cõck, there is no defence! Then, if someone does the same thing 2 years later, "I wasn't publicly exposing myself, Your Honour!" Bullshît unless you were alibi and can prove it!

Well that's just racist. Like, okay, some Chinese companies are well-known for doing this, enough that it's a problem, but only those companies. At that point the burden of proof is reversed. Huawei for instance.

For 90% of Chinese companies (Xiaomi, Haier, etc.), I think "innocent until proven guilty", for 10% of Chinese companies (Huawei) I think "guilty until proven innocent". Because they have demonstrated that they deserve it.

But only if it's not open source. If Huawei releases an open source OS, with Englishmen and Frenchies and Tschermans eyeballing every single line of code, I will be satisfied that it is free of spyware, because there is no way to hide spyware in open sourced code!


Well Its a well known fact that Microsoft, ChomeOS, Google,android, the NSA blaa Blaa are openly spying on users the world over and they are US companies. So on your way of thinking we should also boycott them as well, not to mention Ubuntu that has already been court, and now is up to its old tricks again tracking users with snaps.


It depends. I don't trust Canonical/Ubuntu either, and migrated to Manjaro partially for that reason. The others --- well, the NSA is a federal agency of the United States and I trust the U.S. government. Don't trust the Chinese government.

I'm aware that every keystroke I type and mouse click I make with Google and Facebook software is tracked, and I'm being "spied on" in that regard, but Google is a marketing company, which means that I only give my data to them so they can better serve ads to me and users like me. Were they, say, secretly co-operating with the Feds, and it was proven in court, I'd definitely drop them like a stone.

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What are you wearing a blindfold Lol. Which country has created more wars than any other country in the last 100 years China or the US, which country spies more the rest of the world or the US, What country spends more on weapons and war than any other country. What country scans every email from all over the world every letter or card from overseas, every transcontinental telephone call worldwide can you guess, hint not China


ANY so-called smart product from ANY country is a spy tool, sending data to who knows where to be shared with whoever. US companies linked to the NSA, all the n-eyes lot and many more we probably don't know about. Spying is everywhere.



plot twist, as Huawei also wants to sell tablets preinstalled with AuroraOS for the Russian Ministry of Communications, to be used in the 2020 population census.

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and now Huawei sells Matebook laptops running Deepin, it just seems that they cant make up their mind, or they are are trying all options. :confused:

Case in point, I found this on the Microsoft forum. Oh the delicious salt.


Don't get me wrong though, I expect Harmony and it's American cousin Google Fuchsia (I say this as they both use Zircon, last I checked) will collect plenty of data on their respective users, especially since they aim to be deployment-capble across all kinds of devices.

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Why don't you trust China's government?

Systematic suppression of human rights and expression, surveillance cameras on every block, gps tracking chips in school uniforms (not lying, look it up), internment camps for any ethnic groups that don't conform exactly to their standards, and all and all, being an authoritarian government that values worship of the state and its leaders above all other things and kills anyone who dare stands in their way.

Edit 1: Also, the social credit system.

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Thanks for clearing that up! I already wanted to start trusting them, because at least they haven't started any wars, yet, according to mandog. Let's see how peaceful they will stay in the future.


oops, forgot :cup_with_straw:

Not doing anything worse than the Anerican Gov with associated companies does and has done for decades.

Remember, China is a HUGE player in Africa due to enormous investment and aid.

The EU and US dropped the ball and China picked it up.

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