Hardware support

Hello manjaro , i am a new manjarian . I am going to build a new desktop pc . So i want to ask that if i use 8 gb or 16 gb ddr4 ram without graphics card will manjaro gnome run smoothly or should i need a graphics card . I dont play games , i dont edit videos or photos . I am using windows since 15 years now i got bored . I want a change . Also i want to know that how much secure is manjaro gnome … Thanks

Research the components you wnat to use - RAM is usually not an issue but you mainboard and your choice of graphics may be an issue.

E.g. I am currently running Manjaro on a Lenovo ThinkStation P330 using Intel i9 with 64GB RAM and Nvidia Quadro P2000 on Nvidia proprietary drivers with no issues at all.


Please do your own research for your use case as any reommendation will run out of scope faster you can say yesterday.

On the security side - Linux is beating Windows horselengths.