"Hardware Configuration" tab became empty

Small little problem, had this since a while ago but only now paying atention to it.
The Hardware configuration section became empty
Is there a config related to it for me to delete or modify?

the hardware listing utility is invaluable when you are reseacrhing for drivers - it otherwise useless - that is however a personal opinion

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Yeah I just need to look for an opensource network driver kernel module, there’s like 15 variants of it and I’m too lazy to test them. Still that GUI looks nice and i don’t know what’s wrong with it.

Hardinfo shows devices, rest of the system is working fine and it’s up to date on the testing branch. Just this little menu acts up : - )

Any ideas?

Showing All Devices will just list pci and usb devices and aparently ignore driver scanning for hardware.

Not for how to make that “Hardware Configuration” window work,
but for how to find what you want to,
which seems to be some information about your network adapter, in order to identify the correct driver.

inxi -n

could provide useful information on which driver is currently used or which one to aquire.

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