Hardware acceleration in Firefox?

Hello, it is possibile to enable hardware acceleration in newest Firefox integrated with OS?

In Mozilla manual I see this option and it’s possible to enable in Windows 10/11 as well but not with Manjaro.

Video 1080p x264 using Firefox is a little bit laggy but CPU utilize only 10-15% on all cores.
I don’t know how much GPU is involve becouse I don’t have look up for Intel iGPU utilisation.
I have newest OpenCL drivers for Intel and nVidia who works flawlessly with professional video/graphic software.

Thank You for answer,

Yes, see Firefox - ArchWiki


Thank You for support :relieved:
I have Intel 5500 iGPU and might be some problems with driver according to Wiki i will check it too.

I had disabled GPU rendering in preferences in my dom.gpu.enabled to true
And media.ffpeg.vaapi to true as well.
By default that was false.

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