Hardening linux services


How do you harden linux services?

When you run the command:

systemd-analyze security

This will tell you which services you can secure better in your linux system setup.

I have noticed that a lot of services are “unsafe”.

For instance: lightdm.service is regarded as unsafe on my system.

You can check it too if you have this service by running:

systemd-analyze security lightdm.service

A lot of services seem to be unsafe, how can I make them safe(r)?


there are other resources to find out what that status means and how to address it (if needed).

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You can see the complete analysis by issuing systemd-analyze security <service>. From there, you need to judge if identified exposures are relevant or necessary in order to decide if they can be mitigated without compromising the service’s functioning. See man systemd-analyze for more info.