Hard drive that manjaro is installed on does not show up on windows. Is this normal?

Basically my pc has 3 drives, ssd (windows on it), hard drive (games and other random ■■■■■ and my third hard drive has manjaro installed on it.
I just switched back to windows today because i wanted to play games + its installed on my ssd so it feels way better and my “D:” drive doesnt show up (the drive that manjaro is installed on. On manjaro my windows ssd and the other hard drives show up under additional storage.
Is there something i can do to access my d drive? since im not gonna be using that whole entire 240 gig just for manjaro

Yes, this is normal. Windows uses the NTFS file system and Linux the extended file system. There are tools out there if your really wish to access the data from windows.

But if you just want to have more space to store data from windows, you could shrink the partition that you used to install Manjaro and create a new ntfs partition to use in windows.

You can do this from a live USB cd with gparted. https://www.howtoforge.com/partitioning_with_gparted

BE CAREFUL though. You don’t want to wipe you Manjaro installation…

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Switch from Windows - how to use GNU/Linux:

Not much can really go wrong, its a fresh install

Ah ok, I understood that you already installed Manjaro. If there is not anything on the drive yet you can use Gparted during the installation, or already make the desired partition in Windows (disk management).
But do you intend accessing the data of the manjaro partition from Windows? Or would making the a ntfs partition on the new drive be the solution?

nah i was just wondering if something went wrong or if i was supposed to be able to access my manjaro partition from windows, since i cant then ig i cant. I dont really have a need for it so im just gonna leave it as is

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AFAIK Windows doesn’t manage the file systems usually used on Linux, such as ext4 and btrfs. Thus, those “drives” don’t show up.