Hard disk is not mounted proberly after booting

I am using KDE Linux with LTS Kernel 5.15 with LUKS encrypted hard disk and swap file which still is not working with Manjaro. It’s really a pitty.
One is a SSD with root and home on it. The second one is a hard drive with my data. After recent great update and always after reboot my (second) hard disk is not mounted correctly anymore and cannot be accessed with my bookmarks anymore in Dolphin neither with the standard paths.
A way to reactivate I use is to make the invisible devices visible. Than the second hard disk is shown. Clicking on it makes it accessible again.
What is wrong there?

Hi @Rulinux,

Since the hard drive is permanent, please see:


From what I’ve quickly read, I’d suggest the automount option. I use it myself, and it works like a charm.

The issue is it worked fine before. Anyway could you bring it in a short form to the point how to automount or check it at least. Thanks.

the automount setting got reset when updating to plasma 5.25, you can reenable it again, go to system settings/removable devices and check ‘on login’ and ‘on attach’, click apply

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