Hard comparison between DE's

Hi all,
Here is the scoop: I did the update and fried the system. Possibly (I’ll try that later) I may need to force-install the nouveau instead of the nVidia. In the mean time, I prepare for the worst: reinstall.
Which…is not a bad thing.
Le’s compare: Gnome, XFCE of KDE/Plasma.
No mercy.
Toss 'em in the ring and let 'em fight.
Which one do I install?

None of those.

Openbox, which is what I use :stuck_out_tongue:

That being said, just install each one into a VM and see which you like.

Thanks :slight_smile:
I’m not partial to any. I am (however) used to XFCE…and I felt like a change is due…

Well, then I recommend to just try anything that isn’t XFCE then! Maybe you’ll fall in love with something else!

I use KDE on my desktop, and Openbox on my 2 laptops, and LXQt on my other laptop.

You can always look at /r/unixporn, maybe that can give you an idea what look you might like.

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I’ve seen KDE on a sadly underpowered system. Still, what I saw did spell LOVE…
I did miss the multiple desktops, but, perhaps, I just don’t know KDE that well :slight_smile:

KDE has multi virtual desktops. Same with Openbox. LXQt uses Openbox, so that does too.

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Hmm, why not KDE, then. I switched to XFCE the moment Gnome3 came out and my system couldn’t handle it. So I stuck to XFCE ever since. I just want a change…
KDE IS quite charming. IS it stable?

Never had issues with KDE after Plasma was released personally. (this is anecdotal, other people might have issues, but I don’t hear about them much)

Then we have a :trophy: winner :trophy:
Thanks :slight_smile:

If you want to learn a totally different paradigm, try i3 or sway.
That being said, I like KDE also for a traditional windowing system.

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Even more gladiators in the arena :slight_smile:

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