Happy comeback

Finally, returned to Manjaro after almost 3 years. When I left using it it was most probably version 17 or something. After so many years, amazed to see things are much improved here. New Pamac, adding snap, flatpak support to pamac, made it more awesome. Missed that distro so much. Just want to see the first place again on Distrowatch :heart_eyes:


@Ekanto, Welcome back!

I would like to mention to you, that rankings on Distrowatch do not mean a thing.

Realistically, Manjaro Linux is fantastic (Which is why more and more people are gravitating towards it).


Yes, that's true though. The ranking is not that significant. But I have seen Manjaro how it wiped away all the distros and went to top and stayed that long, till it went to MX Linux. But rank 1 or not, Manjaro is love.

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