Haiku, anyone?


Vintage with minimal amounts of (also vintage) widgets… Nice!


I don’t know if you are talking in poetry or not. It’s messing with my mind :dizzy_face:


Every post I wrote
Is a particular style
Can you work it out?


Is the style called mandog++ ?


a video review

and another


yes and no, the history behind it is trully fascinating. something every distro hopper, dev and company CEO should read. i personally found out about Haiku while reading about another french tech company, Jolicloud.


last year the project was almost halted, there were rumors that it will be discountinued.
so this is a surprise.


The project runs on donations/financial contributions from users & companies. When money gets tight, things die. Something that due to the state of the world’s macro economic condition, in combination with the lifestyles of most of the people population of the planet, (biosphere, what’s that?!) I expect we’ll be seeing more & more of all kinds of death as time passes… :frowning:


Haiku is a name.
Everything means something.
Syllables are key.



This is my life now,
So I have these thoughts,
To replace that spot,
With I once brought,
Because someone stole my computer and now I sit crying about it


it makes me sad to see some projects get lots of donations (elementaryOS) and others like haiku barely making it.
another decent OS was #! (CrunchBang) , now continued as BunsenLabs


haiku could always do a 180 degree move, change the destop envivroment a bit, add modern icons and wallpaper - bamm, brand new OS ready for the masses.

here is a nice article abou Haiku and BeOS