Haiku, anyone?


Beta 1 is finally available after quite some time!

I’m going to test it next week. Their windows management is really interesting! Probably going to change some icons to papirus and change the color palette to solarized. Has anyone tried the beta 1 yet?


I’m not sure if I want to try Haiku again. While I was a fan of BeOS back in the day, there are too many downsides to a clone of that OS. Namely poor security for one.


Because of its old stuff?


Great to here! :slight_smile:

I’m so glad that they have managed to get to beta. It should generate some more interest & some more donations so that they can keep on keeping on.


Ah good old BeOS days…
At that time, it was the only OS that could recognise my printer out of the box, still have the printout.

I remember BeOS being promoted in a german TV shopping programme, but I don’t remember the exact name. It fell into oblivion soon after.

EDIT: I think it was called Zeta:

YellowTAB promoted ZETA mainly in the German market, where it used to be sold through infomercials and on RTL Shop


I didn’t hear about Zeta until after I started using Linux for a few years. By that time I was thinking that Open Source is the only real competition Microsoft has.


Tried Haiku before
It seemed nice, though had few apps
Should try it again


I gave ZETA a run when it came out. It was long enough ago (not that, that has to be very long these days…) for me not to remember too much about it. It was an educational novelty at the time.

Haiku will hopefully become a good home user OS (I believe that is its main intention), & will play all of the user’s media & surf the web.

It will be interesting to see if the day comes when Valve make a Steam install for Haiku. :slight_smile:


It doesn’t continue after the bootsplash. Shame. Tried Etcher and SUSE imagewriter, the results are same. :frowning:


Make an account on their forum & talk to them about the problem (if it hasn’t been discussed already anyway).


it just looks old



i tried it (since 2012), it`s ok for home use, fast and snappy even on an old 32bit machine, but still no way to password protect the system.

the DE is quite different from everything else i seen so far, also there used to be a linux distro with a similar DE (ZeOS maybe), but it was unstable

i keep an usb stick with haiku close by, as i never know when i`m gonna need it, so far i used it to retrieve data from 2 old computers, where linux (ubuntu) failed me

the haiku anyboot file can work as live image or installer

this is one BSD distro that Linux users should definitely try…


While I used to run BeOS as my main OS for a couple of years, after I switched to Linux I decided not to use any OS that is single user. Especially one that that is not password protected.

I’m more inclined to use The Redox Operating System instead…


BeOS was better
than MacOS 7 could be
but OS X won.


At the time BeOS was the fastest OS I could run on my p166 system at the time. I only used Windows for gaming, although I did have some BeOS games as well.


Though Windows had games
Most people used it because
Windows was bundled


You have a bad download I used suse-imagewriter and it booted fine in fact it boots really fast. I could not get sound working but really did not try that hard.


I’ve filed a report on their forum. Turned out to be a specific hardware bug. I have to boot in the safe mode in order to continue. It’s been a refreshing experience, but I’ll wait for newer release that have this bug fixed :smile:


im glad it gets some more attention
here is a screenshot of haiku desktop with a few applications and a different wallpaper

what do you think ?


It looks pretty good
Though I never got used to
The slightly odd dock