Gwenview opening fullscreen in gnome

hello everyone, i am new to linux and manjaro spent some time with other distros but i like manjaro now simple and beautiful i was on kde manjaro and i love using gwenview so i switched to manjaro gnome and lately and seems gwenview if opened at fullscreen gnome interface restarts but if opened in normal all fine, tried gwenview on ubuntu no problem on kde manjaro same, was working fine but only on gnome manjaro if i opened pictures with gwenview in fullscreen (if you close gwenview in full screen next time it opens in full screen).

Hi, check out this link Disable auto saving window size in fullscreen mode

ty but the thing is i like it that way, i want gwenview to open pictures on fullscreen on startup the only problem is when re-opening gwenview in gnome manjaro, the gnome UI restarts each time i open a file. this bug happens only in manjaro gnome on ubuntu it is fine when using gwenview


What is the version of gwenview in Ubuntu ? They are not a rolling release, so most likely the comparison is off. Also are you sure you did not installed the snap package of it?

Gwenview depends on kactivities that depends on kconfig and kwindowsystem. Is the worst possible scenario to be used in a different DE other than KDE Plasma, unless you can make a proper use of KF5 (KDE Frameworks) libraries on Gnome; that will lead to a system that uses double or triple memory than any of the default ones. Chasing such “bug” would lead nowhere …

on ubuntu installed it from
“apt install gwenview”

on ubuntu gwenview 19.12.13

KDE frameworks 5.68.0
Qt 5.12.8 (built agains 5.12.8)
The xcb windowing system

on gnome manjaro 20.08.3 from (pacman -S gwenview)

KDE Frameworks 5.76.0
Qt 5.15.2 (built against 5.15.1)
The xcb windowing system

btw guys ubuntu was 20.04 LTS that didn’t have that problem other day was testing ubuntu 20.10 seems it has the problem too so i just suppose they might fix it both on ubuntu and manjaro on next releases so will just wait for it ty everyone